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Tyrants always fear an armed population

And well they should.  Arms control has been around a long time – probably as long as men have lived in large groups with one group exploiting another.  That means the entire history of mankind.

In England, following the successful “nation building” excursion of William the Conqueror, 1066, the first thing he did was to confiscate all horses over 14 hands tall.  Because he liked big horses?  No!  Because in that world, horses were an instrument of warfare.  Only ponies were allowed to work the fields – smaller horses and cattle, since no one could use them to rise up and resist the government.

Swords and spears were also forbidden, to the civilian, as far back as early Biblical times, which is why, when an invasion threatened, they had to beat their plows and pruning hooks into swords and spears.  But only with permission of the king (tyrant).

Free men can own and carry weapons.  By the same token, a free nation can have its own army, without restriction by neighboring kings and powers.  When any power presumes to dictate terms to a nation on how it arranges its armies or its private arms, then tyranny is afoot, and you may be sure that the tyrants are not really concerned about the crime rate – they simply don’t want the peasants to be able to resist.

Every nation that has embarked upon mass murder has first seen to it that the weapons in the hands of the civilians were first rounded up.

For this reason, Americans must never give up their weapons, personally, and we must never allow the United Nations to have command control over our military – in any way!

So we have to ask ourselves – why do we even have a United States Disarmament Agency, as a part of our own government?  Why are they attempting to disarm America?  Set up by President Kennedy, and enlarged or supported by every president of both parties since then.  I think I see a place where the government can save a billion or two, and put it on the national debt!

As Michael New put it, “Real Americans don’t wear U.N. Blue!”


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