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American Military Leaders Now Working On Behalf Of The Enemy?

American Military Leaders Now Working On Behalf Of The Enemy?

Mali Al Qaidas Country

Leaders? Where are they?

For years, the late Col. David H. Hackworth warned about self-serving, porcelain princes in leadership positions not acting as leaders, but as political hacks seeking only to enhance their own career. Leadership, at best, is granted lip service but rarely practiced in the rarefied air of the military hierarchy. After all, one public faux pas can be a career ender. If Patton were around today, he would have been purged at once from the U.S. Army by its porcelain princes.

Billy and Karen Vaughn, Gold Star parents of Special Operations Chief (SEAL) Aaron Vaughn, wrote “Truth is, America’s military has always had plenty of ‘good men.’ What it seems to lack in spades is good leaders.” The Vaughns used Robert Gates’ book, Duty, to confirm their suspicions that Mr. Obama sent men and women into a war with a mission he doesn’t believe in. Neither Obama the “leader,” nor many who served under him in the Department of Defense, have any desire to support front line troops. And they also have no strategy to win the war.

This nation’s number one public housing community organizer is indifferent to foreign policy, to paraphrase Bill O’Reilly’s post-Obama interview comment. Obama only cares about social justice. Accusing the current administration of not caring about front-line warriors is hardly a stretch, given that Obama’s only concern about the military has been the plight of homosexuals. He was totally indifferent about the Benghazi murders because the situation existed outside of his “social justice” paradigm.

Rules of Engagement
The champion of social justice and his acolytes created new Rules of Engagement (ROE), which restrict American troops from directly engaging the enemy. In Obama’s world of social justice, giving a life and death advantage to an enemy in combat is considered fairness. The current rules greatly restrict the soldier’s ability to fight a war by totally eliminating the discretion of troops in harms way. If a warrior violates the ROE, they will be court-martialed by REMF Lawyers seeking to greatly improve their performance evaluations and maybe even receive a medal for aggressive prosecution. This creates a hopeless situation for the troops who are serving this country. To quote former JAG Ken Walsh, “it’s Political Correctness driving this train.”

The current leadership is not interested in winning this war. But even more shocking is the fact that no one in a leadership position will tell the Kenyan Muslim that his policy is wrong! No one in this Administration is interested in defeating terrorism. It isn’t social justice! Social Justice to this lot is the desire to use and to sacrifice the U.S. Armed forces in order to provide cover for radical Muslims that might take over the Middle East.


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