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Why has Congress abdicated its war-making powers?

The Constitution is not unclear on the war-making powers of Congress.  Article I, Sec. 8:
“The Congress shall have power to…

  • To declare war…;
  • To raise and support armies…;
  • To provide and maintain a navy;

The President of the United States does not have the authority to take this nation to war.  Nor does the Security Council of the United Nations.  Yet both have done so in recent years, and both Republican and Democrat presidents have been guilty of usurping the authority of Congress.

Why does Congress acquiesce in this matter?  Are they intimidated by the White House?  Are they bought off with grants and federal monies to their districts?  Are they afraid of the political backlash if they take a stand to support and defend the document they took an oath to support and defend? 

No one wants to think it, but what other alternative is there? Are they really that ignorant, or are they that apathetic?  I’m hoping it’s one or the other, because if they’re not stupid, and if they’re not apathetic, then the only other alternative is that they are traitors and have become domestic enemies of our Constitution.

The bottom line is that the Founding Fathers wanted the representatives of the People and of the States, in partnership, to determine when we go to war – not a single president, not an oligarchy of power brokers – the People and the States.  (Has this been done in the past century?)

Did you know that the president is not the Commander-in-Chief until he is called into duty by Congress, when they declare war?  During peacetime, Congress is in charge of the military, and there is no CinC because there is no war.  When we declare war, then we give the powers to pursue the war toward a victorious solution to the president, and he becomes the commander-in-chief.

We’ve come a long way from the way things were designed to be.  If you want to start turning this country around, then how about we go back to the vision of the Founders, and start binding down this rogue executive branch by taking back to Congress the war-making powers, 100%.

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